From the problem of the points to value an option, then no one knows: a Journey whitout ending

Mauricio Avellaneda Hortúa


This article seeks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese Kiyosi Itô’s (1915-2008) birth, whose research in the field of mathematics has had an unexpected impact on different areas of human life, for example, biology, economics, engineering, finance and physics. This essay, rather than carry out a detail review of the different jobs that Itô has made throughout his lifetime, intends to make a tribute to some researchers and their developments from the past. Researchers, whose work sometimes remained forgotten for a while and thanks to a new stream of researchers interested in history and the stories of the development of finance knowledge, rediscovered and brought it again to light. As a consequence of this archeological work, it would be possible for a new wave of researchers to analyze their progress and may be find unanticipated applications to such efforts.

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History of modern finance; history of contingent pricing


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