CSR and CSR Reporting: Reporting as a way to create Socially Responsible Business

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Fabio Andrés Bonilla Sanabria


Admitting the theory of a company being a set of multiple interests, the first part of this article intends to give an overview of the Shareholder and Stockholders models in the Corporate Social Responsibility debate. The prevailing view in western Company Law (the cases of the UK and US are considered) is that of the Shareholder Wealth Maximization model. For the author of the article, events such as the financial crisis showed that the financial conditions of companies giving its‘ extended effects should give way to calls for public accountability in company management. However there seems to be a deadlock given that the prevailing model favours shareholders.

In this scenario the Reporting of Non-Financial Information is studied as a way to create socially responsible businesses. In addressing the reporting of non-financial information, the article provides a state of affairs regarding reporting and considers specific examples of disclosure of corporate information. The CSR battle has been transferred to the reporting of non-financial information but in this field there are many difficulties unresolved and challenges ahead.

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